About The Artist

"My name is Claude.  I was born in France in 1931 and am the creator of the drawings and paintings presented on “Claude’s Art”. At a young age I used to draw and paint, abundantly, scenery and characters.  I abandoned pencils, ink, brushes and paint when I entered my professional life but took them back up during my retirement.  However, my inspirations changed.  I found the joy of drawing lines and spreading colors only by building shapes born from my imagination and influenced, no doubt, by museum and gallery exhibits of 20th century artists, dead and alive, and tried to express them to the best of my ability. Often, I would only use brushes to trace and paint, occasionally pencils, ink and markers, always on small formats, the only way my “atelier,” also known as my apartment dining table, permitted. The result is the body of work that is sampled on this website.  Thank you for looking at my art.  I hope it will give you as much joy as it gives me."